Unger … from humble beginnings to worldwide success …

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In 1964, a young window cleaner decided that he would take a chance. That year Henry Unger took the latest window cleaning innovations from the United States and introduced them to German window cleaners. With the unwavering support of his wife Barbara, he launched his new business from her mother’s attic in Hamburg, Germany. From this dream, a business that now spans the globe was born. Henry’s discerning eye for quality and his tireless pursuit of new and better ways to clean still serve as benchmarks for Unger today. Now his three sons continue to lead the Unger company with their father’s core values of quality, innovation and customer service in mind.

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The fact that Henry Unger started as a window cleaner gave him the deep hands on understanding and knowledge that would drive the business from its humble Hamburg beginning to the global company that Unger is today. Unger continues to build on Henry’s in depth knowledge of their customers needs, striving to develop the very best cleaning solutions to deliver superior results. Unger strives to develop the next generation of cleaning solutions that will make cleaning easier, safer and more efficient.

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In 1966, the S Squeegee was the first breakthrough – it was made from stainless steel, not brass, and featured a quick release mechanism to make changing the rubber strips faster and easier. More recently, the Ergotec® Ninja release demonstrates a quantum leap in squeegee design, form and usability. Finally, the HiFlo™ PureWater cleaning system and nLite telescopic poles offer game-changing window cleaning solutions.

In the future, higher air quality and hygiene standards will make “Cleaning for Health” and “Green Cleaning” important industry trends that Unger are preparing to address, ensuring that new designs have reduced energy usage and waste production.

Unger adUngers Connecticut, USA headquarters has undergone several expansions, and Unger recently completed construction of a major new facility in Solingen, Germany, to support a growing European business. The next generation of Ungers has pledged to continue to build on the strong foundation of quality and innovation that was started by Henry and Barbara 50 years ago.

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